We invite you for a massage at The Hotel Fitzgerald! Let yourself be pampered by the care designed just for you. If you strive for harmony in your life, do not let yourself be carried away by the everyday rush and the stress that affects your body and mind. Allow yourself to relax while enjoying a massage that will restore balance, harmony and a pleasant feeling.

Massage offer:
  • Classic reconditioning massage 700 Kč (30 min)

  • Classic reconditioning massage 1200 Kč (60 min)

  • Classic reconditioning massage 1500 Kč (90 min)

  • Relaxing massage 700 Kč (30 min)

  • Relaxing massage 1200 Kč (60 min)

  • Relaxing massage 1500 Kč (90 min)

Please contact the Reception Team for pricing and availability.